Great Schools Project–about the principles and tool kit

What follows are the recommendations of the Great Schools Project regarding school evaluation, assessment and school accountability in British Columbia, based on our conversations and extensive research.

The document includes two sections.  First, Principles for School Assessment and Evaluation, is a foundational guide for establishing any system of assessment and accountability.  These principles must be adhered to if accountability is to be ethical, educationally sound and useful.

Second, The GSP Toolkit for School Evaluation and Assessment,  outlines the specific recommendations we have developed for use in assessing BC schools.  We expect that those processes that are recommended for the school level would not all be implemented at the same time, but that school communities would choose those that best meet their needs.

The GSP presents all of these recommendations as a work in progress and seeks comments, criticisms and suggestions.  While we have spent countless hours researching, discussing, and debating our recommendations, we acknowledge that the experience and wisdom of others can only strengthen, reinforceand fortify our work.


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